Laguna Loire's way

type: documentary-fan movie
project started: 23.09.2007
last update: 15.06.2008
current state: complete
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Laguna Loire's way is a tribute to ff8 and the best president of the world! It covers all episodes with Laguna and makes a complete story of his life. To save the atmosphere of the game It was decided to keep original soundtrack instead of progressive punk rock ;).

I really wanted to show Laguna's attitude to the things, which I find great! His way of living, taking everything easy, having fun, and being a strong kind keen man...

Video took me a long time to create 'cause it's about 45 minutes. The first idea was to create a compilation of short funny moments which dont link with each other. But then things have changed because I wanted to share what I find in Laguna's way perfect with everyone.

On 15.06.2008 a new version was issued which is 5 minutes longer.

Download (360 mb).

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